November 2005

Off the Press

Ten Printmakers

November 3 - 30

Kim Tester, Spirit Unbound See Me Free, 24" x 16", screenprint, 2003
This exhibition features the work of ten printmakers from the Printmakers Network of Southern New England. These artists utilize a variety of methods including silkscreen, woodcut, etching, collograph, lithography and experimental techniques.

Participating artists include Grace Bentley-Scheck, Claudia Fieo, Carol Strause Fitzsimonds, Barbara Harder, Victoria Jutras Kniering, Melody Leary, Jim Lee, Barbara Pagh, Kim Tester, Jo Yarrington. Guest Curator: Barbara Pagh.

Bannister Gallery Hall Space
Collaborative Prints

A selection of offset prints by faculty and guest artists produced with Master Printer Jeff Bertwell at the University of Rhode Island Printshop.

Opening: November 3, 7:00 p.m.

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