November 2004

Julie Anand & Damon Sauer

The Edge of An Impression

November 4 - 24

Julie Anand. imprint - After the Age of Discovery, 2004. Photolithography (One Quadrant) Each 20" x 25"
These artists consider boundaries as tenuous and permeable edges of experience dependent upon contextual relationships. Concerned with the relationship of parts to a whole as perceived from a given experiential loci, they enjoy material investigations that push the boundaries of their primary photographic medium toward the larger issue of relating the subject to its record / impression.

In 'The Act of Violence', Damon Sauer repurposes imagery of murder victims from an information archive. Once categorized by cold facts in a privatized archive, these nameless individuals are pulled from the informational mass grave and given a kind of public reckoning. Their images are paired with the soft sound of 'image code' translated into words by a computer.

Julie Anand's maps of the palm of her hand use different styles and materials to create a dialogue about the relationship between body and land, suggesting that the same information is perceived differently within different systems. Her 'Worm Poem' uses the calligraphic gestures of dried worms to create an incoherent text, the content of which is attention to the syntax that makes meaning.

Both opt, in unique ways, to trespass notions that support isolation - understanding what's "inside" and "outside" as being in conversation with one another, defining one another.

This exhibit was produced in coordination with RI College Prof. of Photography, Paola Ferrario.

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