March - April 2007

Lloyd Martin

Recent Paintings

March 8 - April 5

Lloyd Martin. Finestrae (series). Oil on canvas, 48" x 48".
True to the best of modernist tenets, Lloyd Martin's reductive abstractions speak to an investigation of the essential nature of painting and form.

Derived from observations of urban architectural elements, subject matter is transformed into sophisticated, geometric abstractions. Martin's paintings are both elegant in their refined formality and sensuous in their subtle color harmonies and paint manipulations. Open grids create rhythms through precision of proportions. This formal rigor provides a structure in which nuances of delicate transparencies play off dense opacities. Tensions of hard edges to lush fields speak to the nature of pictorial space and its ability to manifest both formal beauty and evoke a sense of place. The interplay of elements is like echoes that resonate and leave one with a feeling of suspended time. Contemplative in nature, these eloquent paintings act as meditations, eliciting both visceral and cerebral responses.

This exhibition is curated by Lisa Russell, Rhode Island College Department of Art.

Reception: March 8, 5:008:00 p.m.

Gallery Talk: By Stephen Haller, TBA.

Hall Space Gallery

David Baggarly - Recent Works

Rhode Island-Based Painter

David Baggarly. Transversus 14 (series).

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