March 25 - April 22

Ruth Dealy, Self Portrait - with Hand.
Abstraction in art is a well-considered genre that crosses over the bounds of realism and nonobjective expression. The works in this exhibition seek to describe these two divergent considerations that focus on this expressive modality of work.

Lloyd Martin and Mahler Ryder employ strategies whose narrative is derived from a real world reference that considers a compositional blueprint as an underpinning. They eloquently express a cadence that is rhythmic, mathematical, and ordered in context.

Donna Bruton, Ruth Dealy, and Irene Lawrence create works that move in and out of depictions that connect with the "figure" in a literal fashion and oftentimes with a metaphoric reference. These three artists continue to evoke a visual dialogue replete with hierologic references that consider the formal and the aesthetic as their collective dialogue.

Opening Reception - March 25, 5:00 - 8:00 PM

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