March 2009



Opening: Thursday, March 5
Closing: Thursday, March 26
Reception: March 5, 5-8:00 pm

This sabbatical exhibition marks the culmination of two very divergent explorations, yet ones that are seemingly connected by their materials and, to some degree, content. Both Horvat and Martin have a propensity to be very refi ned and defi ned by their attention to detail. Their work is created with references to architectural forms and motifs suggesting modernist adaptations from a mechanical source.

In Horvat’s case, sculptures reference architecture, which makes archetypes forms. Such things as gravity and cantilever play key roles in the staging of his work.

Martin’s strategy comes from a fascination with machines and fasteners. His wooden and metal forms create a sense of fragment or contrived references, an aesthetic he “manufactures,” being mindful of formal issues. The resulting work has a monumentality that suggests more is to come. Martin appears to be connecting to recent modernist trends, which reordered the concepts of design.

Horvat and Martin create objects normally termed sculpture, but the results of their labor imply much more. Their work is transformative.

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