January / February 2006

In The Shadow Of The Crow

January 12 - February 2

Still from the film In the Shadow of the Crow.
The acclaimed documentary In the Shadow of the Crow addresses the complex issue of what it means to be a Narragansett in the twenty-first century. Screenings will be presented throughout the exhibition, accompanied by digitally produced images of stills from the film. The documentary's producer, Alexia Kosmider, and its director, Leslie Langley, will participate in discussions.

The exhibition is sponsored in part by The Unity Center at Rhode Island College and is guest curated by Julie Jennings.

Bannister Gallery Hall Space

The allegorical and satirical work of Providence-based artist William Schaff is presented, focusing on his current cultural explorations.

Opening: January 12, screening of the film at 6:00 p.m., with comments by Alexia Kosmider. Reception follows.

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