February - March 2007

Bebe Beard And Lou Cohen

Orpheus Cycle

February 8 - March 2

Bebe Beard and Lou Cohen. Still from Digital Orpheus. Video sculpture and sound installation.
Bebe Beard and Lou Cohen, two Boston-based video and new media artists, present a performative inquiry that engages the conceptual elements of installation with a historically based narrative.

Beard and Cohen explore the powers of the gods and the extent of their grief through the medium of digital art and sound. Their White Crone video sculpture and the Digital Orpheus series use digitally enhanced video and digitally produced sound to retell the powerful myths referred to in their titles.

These two artists have collaborated on numerous works that have been shown in New England, around the United States, and overseas.

This installation includes the main gallery and hall space gallery.

Reception: February 8, 7:009:00 p.m.

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