February / March 2004

Janice Redman


February 27 - March 19

Janice Redman, Untitled, 2000 hydrocal, metal, cotton, wax 12 in. x 16in.
Rescued objects, materials and images are coaxed to coalesce with wax, plaster and felt in Janice Redman's sculptures. Imbued with a crippling of utility, once-functional devices are embalmed, restrained or swaddled, and surrender to a state of slumber. Other works are handled with the precision of a surgeon, elements meticulously extracted and then splayed for the viewer in the tradition of 19th century biological specimens.

Throughout the process Redman wields a sympathetic hand in the forming of these objects, infusing them with an animation that memorializes their domestic roots and amplifies psychological resonances.

Ms. Redman received her MFA in sculpture from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, 1988. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout New England since she arrived in America in 1991; including exhibitions at the DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA and the Invitational Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture, American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York, NY. This exhibition at the Bannister Gallery marks the debut of Ms Redman's work in Rhode Island.

This exhibition was curated by Doug Bosch, Rhode Island College Department of Art.

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