Sabbatical Exhibition: Doug Bosch and Stephen Fisher

February 18 - March 18

Doug Bosch, Catenaries with Red (detail), 2009.
Sculptor Doug Bosch and printmaker Stephen Fisher present their sabbatical explorations. As faculty they represent the art department's commitment to supporting contemporary visions that speak to the current dialogue and provide students with a professional vision of the art-making process.

Fisher in his meticulous renderings continues to emulate the masters in his execution of materials and time-honored techniques. His compositions speak to the conditions of the day and often have an allegorical approach, which serves his formalist leanings well.

Bosch for his efforts continues to mystify with a concentration on his materials' gravity and with a referential architectural design sensibility. While the work falls into the genre of a postmodernist construct, Bosch also seems intrigued with his materials to the point that they seem to be fabricated by him. He will be displaying work from his recent series Catenary.

This exhibition serves to demonstrate that the artist can continue to explore a personal aesthetics while contributing to the larger discussion as a cultural communicator.


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