December 2004

Julie Heffernan


December 2 - 23

Julie Heffernan. Self Portrait with Rose Skirt, 2004. oil on canvas, 69" x 52". Courtesy of the Littlejohn Gallery, NY, NY.
Julie Heffernan's lush and exquisitely painted imagery is reminiscent of the masterliness of the late Renaissance and the grandeur of the Baroque. These lavishly rendered environments invite the viewer to enter a space which is both seductive in its beauty as well as psychologically compelling in its ambiguity.

While cross-referencing many art historical subtexts, Heffernan's paintings are grounded in Post-Modern concern for cultural constructs and personal narratives that address identity, gender, and myth.

The Self, whether portrayed overtly or referentially, is carrier of symbolic representation concerning human experience, both private and political. Filled with allegorical meaning, these masterly crafted images invite the viewer to admire and enjoy their sensual beauty, while at the same time contemplate and de-code the multiple levels of symbolism used to speak to issues of human nature.

This exhibition is curated by Lisa Russell, Rhode Island College Department of Art.

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