Lisa Russell / Mary Bucci McCoy: Distillation

April 5 - 25

April 5, Reception 5:00PM - 8:00PM

Detail of work:
left - Lisa Russell, right - Mary Bucci McCoy

Painters Lisa Russell and Mary Bucci McCoy present intimately scaled work that, in different ways, abstracts lived experience into sensual painted languages. These languages are engaged with the essential dialectical issues of relationship, space, and material. Each artist shares a succinct and tactile affinity for paint as substance, acknowledging both its physical and emotive presence.

Lisa Russell uses close observation of carefully constructed still life arrangements as the starting point for her paintings. Prolonged visual analysis yields information about form, space, and perception, which become the building blocks of her carefully structured paintings. Works presented here by Russell are inclusive of her spring 2011 sabbatical project, Emotive Qualities: Color, Light, and Space.

Mary Bucci McCoy's spare paintings on plywood panels begin with an intuitive engagement with color and with paint as material. Her paintings are indirectly informed by experience and observation of the landscape, nature, and the human body. This exhibition is curated by James Montford, director of Bannister Gallery.

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