April 7 - 27

Audrey Goldstein, Network Theory 23 (detail)

"Now and Then and When" brings together three types of artwork with a range of relationships to objects.

In Kasia Molga's case, temporary online graphic-paintings created by cyber-collaborators turn artwork into a "no-thing." Astrodime Transit Authority presents its research through relics and artifacts from their performance
"Can You Hear Me Now?", a work that resides only in time.

Representing the more traditionally rooted object, Audrey Goldstein's sculptures Data Bearers I, II, and III capture her interpretation of
responses from people she met at two art events.

Stretching through all these artists is a sense of idealism and optimism embodied in the desire to create an aesthetic response and have an effect
on their audience. This exhibition is curated by Boston-area
video/installation artist Bebe Beard.


Maria Mercado: Textiles

A play of energy and movement in space, Mercado's textiles are fashioned
from raw materials through dye, layering, weaving, and other methods to
become wearable art.

Reception: April 7, 5:008:00 p.m.

Student interns: Jennifer Albanese, Kameko Branchaud, Liana Greene, Thomas Hall, Barrett Kern, Elizabeth Kieth, Irina Maglysh, Justina Martino, Jennifer Richmond, Kelly Stoddard, Carissa Williamson

Programming presented through the cooperation of the Rhode Island College Department of Art Gallery Committee; Art Club; Artist Co-Op; Performing and
Fine Arts Commission; Committee for Lectures and Films; dean, Faculty of
Arts and Sciences; E. M. Bannister Society; and Rhode Island College


Funded in part by a grant from RISCA
Rhode Island State Council on the Arts

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