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April 2009


Opening: Thursday, April 2
Closing: Thursday, April 23
Reception: April 2, 5-8:00 pm

While both Derek Harding and Jason Green talk about employing traditional processes, their art speaks to a craft going beyond accepted norms. These artists challenge both the viewer and the prevailing formal and aesthetic traditions.

Jason Green has stated, “The results of my labor celebrate and pinpoint the constant and constantly fluxing characteristics of immediacy while referring and alluding to the past. The work also alludes to mechanical and technological circuits while cultivating relationships between geologic and personal measurements of time.”

Green currently teaches ceramics and sculpture at Walnut Hill School, a high school for the arts, in Natick, Massachusetts, and has recently exhibited at Alfred University’s Turner Gallery and Harvard University’s Hilles Library. He has also been a visiting artist at Jingdezhen Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute in China.

Derek Harding’s investigations are about the exploitation of design and the combining of visual elements that lure one to the object. He is studio manager and moldmaker at Roseberry-Winn Pottery and Tile, teaches at the Community College of Rhode Island, and conducts workshops locally.

This exhibition is curated by Associate Professor Bryan Steinberg of the Rhode Island College Department of Art.

Bannister Hall Gallery


Lucia O’Reilly, from the series Sodom and Gomorrah (detail).

Opening: Thursday, April 2
Closing: Thursday, April 23
Reception: April 2, 5-8:00 pm

O’Reilly is an academy-trained artist who follows contemporary concerns in her art practice while challenging the viewer with the religious underpinnings of her work. Her assemblages can be viewed as sketches for large pieces but also as stand alones. These works complement a recent exhibition at the Newport Art Museum.

This exhibition is curated by gallery director James Montford.

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