April 2005

Alternatives: Materials / Mean

April 7 - 29

Joe Wood, "Lumpy" - Bracelet, 1999
3D computer print w/ epoxy resin. enamel powder, silver 6in. dia. Photo - Dean Powell
This exhibition of studio jewelry features works in which the use of alternative materials or means is essential to the concept or form of the object. The exploration of non-traditional processes and materials has often provided creative stimulus for studio jewelers. The adaptation of technology and materials from industry or other disciplines, has led to hybrid objects incorporating the inspirations of art, craft, and design.

Participating artists include: Nikky Bergman, Doris Betz, Arthur Hash, Lena Hulsmeier, Sergey Jivetin, Daniel Jocz, Svenja John, Masche Moje, Mary Pearse, Jennifer Sholtis, Sherry Simms, Bettina Speckner, Rebecca Strzelec, Joe Wood.

This exhibition is curated by Sondra Sherman, Rhode Island College Department of Art

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