M.A.T. in Art Education

Mission Statement

The mission of the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) program in Art Education is to prepare individuals with a strong undergraduate background in art to become certified elementary and secondary art teachers. Successful completion of this program enables graduates to qualify for PK-12 art teacher certification from the Rhode Island Department of Education. The program emphasizes a commitment to the complementary relationships between artistic expression; academic knowledge, understanding, and inquiry; and art teaching. Ultimately, the broad mission of both this M.A.T. program and the M.A. in Art Education program is to further strengthen the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of individuals as art educators and to thereby further strengthen art education practices throughout Rhode Island and beyond our state's borders.

Learning Outcome Statements

Students pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching in Art Education at Rhode Island College will:

  • further strengthen their art knowledge and artmaking skills, building on their foundational art understandings and skills acquired in their undergraduate programs;
  • expand and deepen their understanding of art education theory and curriculum development;
  • enhance their abilities to research content for art instruction and issues related to art education; develop art curricula; and engage in scholarship related to art education;
  • develop competency in their art teaching skills, emphasizing the recursive educational practices of planning, acting, and reflecting on instruction; and
  • further increase their capacities to serve as art education advocates and leaders in the field of art education.

Admission Requirements

Because of the wide variety of MAT programs offered through the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development, applicants need to request the application portfolio in person. Please contact Mrs. Dottie Grady at 401-456-8822 or mgrady@ric.edu to schedule an appointment. Mrs. Grady will review the application process with you and direct you to the appropriate faculty member for more information.

Click Adobe PDFhere for the application procedure.

Course Requirements

Course No. Course Title Credits

Foundations Component

CEP 552Psychological Perspectives on Learning and Teaching3
FNED 546Contexts of Schooling4

Professional Education Component

ARTE 503Graduate Introduction to Art Education3
ARTE 504Graduate Secondary Practicum in Art Education 3
ARTE 505Graduate Elementary Practicum in Art Education3
ARTE 515Curriculum in Art Education3
ARTE 525Graduate Student Teaching in Art Education10
ARTE 562Graduate Seminar in Student Teaching in Art Education2

Academic Disciplines Component

ART 560Graduate Seminar in the Visual Arts3

A minimum of two courses in

studio art at the 400- or 500-level. If a student lacks sufficient background in art history, ceramics, computer graphics, design, drawing, painting, printmaking, or sculpture, additional art courses may be required.

Research and Thesis

ART 691Thesis3
ARTE 591Readings and Research in Art Education3

Total Credit Hours


Note: The M.A.T. program in art education is designed for applicants seeking K-through-twelve teacher certification.

Program coordinator

Cheryl Williams
Associate Professor
Art Center 129
(401) 456-8054
(401) 456-9774

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