Course Offerings


Courses Numbered 100-199

Introductory and General Education courses normally taken during the freshman and sophomore years.

Courses Numbered 200-299

Other lower division courses and General Education courses.

Courses Numbered 300-399

Courses taken by undergraduate students who have met the prerequisite(s); not accepted for credit toward graduate degrees.

Courses Numbered 400-499

Courses normally taken in the junior and senior years; open to graduate students for credit toward graduate degrees. The number of credits acceptable in a graduate program is limited by graduate program policies.

Courses Numbered 500-599

Courses open to graduate students. Normally these courses require a bachelor's degree as a prerequisite. In certain circumstances, qualified undergraduate students who have earned at least 90 credit hours may be admitted, with documented consent of the instructor and the appropriate dean.

General Education Offerings

Core Three

Core Four

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Additional Science or Mathematics

New General Education Offerings (2012-)

Course No. Course Title Credits

Social and Behavioral Sciences

ANTH 101Introduction to Cultural Anthropology4
ANTH 102Introduction to Archaeology4
ANTH 104Introduction to Anthropological Linguistics4
ANTH 205Race, Culture, and Ethnicity: Anthropological Perspectives4
ANTH 206Oral Traditions3

Advanced Quantitative/Scientific Reasoning

ANTH 306Primate Ecology and Social Behavior4
ANTH 307Human Nature: Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior4

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