B.A. in Anthropology

Beginning Fall 2012

Course Requirements

Course No. Course Title Credits
ANTH 101Introduction to Cultural Anthropology4
ANTH 102Introduction to Archaeology4
ANTH 103Introduction to Biological Anthropology4
ANTH 104Introduction to Anthropological Linguistics4
ANTH 233Methods in Anthropology4
ANTH 460Seminar in Anthropology4

Five Additional Courses in Anthropology

At least four of the five courses must be at the 300-level or above, and one of the five courses may be a 200-level anthropology course or a 300-level social science course. No more than 8 credit hours of independent study, internship, or directed readings may count toward major requirements. Only two General Education courses may be used to fulfill the requirements in the major.


Total Credit Hours


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