Student Alumni Association (SAA)

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is a student group that serves as a link between current students and graduates (alumni) of Rhode Island College. Members of the SAA will organize and participate in a number of events throughout the year that are aimed at promoting networking, school spirit, and meaningful connections between students and alumni, bolstering their level of engagement with RIC. Members will also take part in valuable leadership and professional development experiences and will gain a stronger appreciation for RIC while having a positive impact on the college as a student and later as an alumnus/a.

The SAA will promote:

  • School Spirit
  • Leadership & Professional Development
  • Meaningful Connections Between Students & Alumni
  • Giving back to RIC (time, talent, treasure)


The mission of the Student Alumni Association will be to connect current RIC students with RIC alumni through leadership, social and networking events and programs designed to enhance the experiences of both students and alumni. Working with the RIC Alumni Association, the SAA will prepare its members to serve as future alumni leaders furthering the goals of RIC whenever possible and maintaining a lifelong relationship with their alma mater.


Any full or part-time student, graduate or undergraduate enrolled at RIC is eligible for SAA membership. There is no specific GPA requirement, however students are expected to be in good academic standing.


SAA members are expected to take on leadership roles within the RIC community. They will assist alumni affairs staff in event planning, serve as hosts and hostesses at RIC Alumni Association events, and represent fellow students on various planning committees (as deemed appropriate by the SAA itself or by the RIC Alumni Association). SAA members will be dedicated to strengthening the college at all levels.

Benefits of SAA membership

  • Opportunity to develop leadership skills and network with alumni
  • Opportunity to play a key role within the college and build relationships with faculty, staff and administrators
  • Opportunity to attend invitation-only events, i.e., presidential receptions, reunions, young alumni events, etc.
  • Opportunity to make a difference and have a lasting impact on RIC
  • Opportunity to promote college spirit

How to Join the SAA

Prospective students will complete an application and may be called for an interview, although an interview is not required. Applications will be available at the Kauffman Center, Student Union and Student Government Office or can be Adobe PDFdownloaded online. Students may also submit any other information they believe is pertinent to their application. Applications must be submitted by Monday, March 3, 2014.

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