B.A. in Africana Studies

Course Requirements

Course No. Course Title Credits
AFRI 200Introduction to Africana Studies4
AFRI 461Seminar in Africana Studies4
HIST 348Africa under Colonial Rule4
HIST 349History of Contemporary Africa4

A minimum of 24 credit hours of courses from

AFRI 310Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Era3
AFRI 320Hip-Hop: A Global Perspective4
AFRI 335Race and Cyberspace3
AFRI 350Special Topics in Africana Studies3
AFRI 410Seminar in Comparative Race Relations3
AFRI 420Comparative Slave Systems3
AFRI 450Special Topics in Africana Studies3
ANTH 205Race, Culture, and Ethnicity: Anthropological Perspectives4
ART 461Seminar in Art History3
ENGL 326Studies in African American Literature4
ENGL 327Ethnic-American Literatures4
ENGL 336Non-Western Literatures4
GEND 350Topics Course in Gender and Women's Studies3-4
HIST 334The Black Experience in America4
HIST 348Africa under Colonial Rule4
HIST 349History of Contemporary Africa4
POL 333Law and Politics of Civil Rights4
POL 341The Politics of Developing Nations3
PSYC 351Psychology of Human Diversity4
PSYC 425Community Psychology4
SOC 208Minority Group Relations4
SOC 344Minority Issues in Justice Systems4

Total Credit Hours


Honors in Africana Studies

Africana Studies majors with outstanding records are eligible and strongly encouraged to apply to participate in the College's honors program.

Honors students in Africana Studies are expected to complete a research paper (or an equivalent project in the visual, performing or studio arts) of exceptional quality, while working in consultation with a faculty advisor. Africana Studies majors with a 3.25 GPA in Africana Studies-required courses and a 3.0 cumulative GPA are eligible to submit a proposal for a six semester hours honors project. Students seeking honors will need to secure a faculty advisor and apply to the program director in writing by spring registration of their junior year. Students work on their honors project during their senior year. Transfer students without established GPAs at Rhode Island College may be considered for honors eligibility on the basis of their transcripts from their previous institutions. Students who will require funding to complete their independent Honors research may be eligible for an award from the Anne & Bob De Stefano Undergraduate Research Program. For more information on awards please visit the honors website, or for more information about the Africana Studies Program's honors process please contact the Director of Africana Studies as soon as possible and no later than three semesters before graduation from Rhode Island College.

Past Theses

Chuck Galli (2009). Hip-hop Futurism: Remixing Afrofuturism and the Hermeneutics of Identity [Advisor, P. Khalil Saucier).

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