Student Stories

Christopher Margadonna, '13

Warwick, RI
Major: English/Secondary Education
Minor in theatre
Peer Counselor

What has made my experience here at Rhode Island College has been the fantastic faculty and staff. They have inspired me to connect with learning, and grow into the person I am today. Through their generous work and great kindness they have influenced me to become an academic adviser, and help students reach their fullest potential.

Clubs/Organizations: Layout Editor at The Anchor, Ballroom Dance, Secretary of the English Educator, Network

RIC Anchorman '13

Harrisville, RI
Major: Computer Information Systems

At RIC, I'm a name and not just a number – and I like that. When I'm not in class, you'll find me at the Murray Center or on the Quad. I'm very involved with RIC Athletics and you'll find me at all of our home basketball games leading the crowd to cheer for our Anchormen.

Owen Tidwell

Major: Psychology

Rhode Island College's dedication to making each and every student's academic experience a rewarding one makes RIC a great place to live, learn, and grow. Specifically, RIC's Psychology department offers in-depth learning paired with unique personal relationships with dedicated professors. Additionally, there are numerous undergraduate research opportunities in a variety of Psychological disciplines which provide academic experiences unparalleled in many of today's larger universities and undergraduate Psychology programs.

Jackie Morgan '13

Major: Nursing, Psychology

I have participated in the INBRE program (Institutional Development Award Network of Biomedical Research Excellence) with Professor Montvilo for two years. As a double major in psychology and nursing, I love doing research while an undergrad because I'm building connections that will help my future career goals. It is so easy for students to get involved because RIC is such a small school.

Holly Cekala

Major: Psychology, Chemical Dependency/Addiction Studies

I am happy to say I am involved with the research here at RIC within the CDAS program, for many reasons. As an undergrad I have already been given many opportunities I would have not been offered had it not been for my work in the research lab. My mentor Dr. Montvilo has made the research projects inclusive of the team and insured a cutting edge applicable knowledge base to our work. I have had real hands on experience in the lab working with participants as well as preparing potential projects for IRB approval and analysis long before graduation. This experience has better prepared me for the future classes I will need for my degree and for the work force I will be joining upon graduation. The program has allowed me grow as a student scientist.

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