Department Directory

Please note that all phone extensions at Rhode Island College may be dialed externally by using area code 401 and prefix 456. For example, extension 8000 would be dialed by entering 401-456-8000 on your phone.



Department Contact Person Extension
Academic Affairs Ronald Pitt 8003
Academic Support and Information Services Patrice Mettauer 8083
Accounting and Computer Information Systems Jane Przybyla 8036
Accounting Office Melissa Souza 8001
Adams Library Carissa DeLizio 8052
Administration and Finance David Gingerella 8200
Admissions Office Jason Anthony 8234
Affirmative Action Margaret Lynch-Gadaleta 8387
Africana Studies Daniel Scott 8653
Alumni Affairs Suzanna Alba 8086
Americans with Disabilities Margaret Lynch-Gadaleta 8387
Anthropology Praveena Gullapalli 8005
Art Richard Whitten 8054
Outside LinkAthletics Department Donald Tencher 8007
Audiovisual David Toms 8803


Department Contact Person Extension
Bannister Gallery James Montford 9765
Biology Rebeka Merson 8010
Bookstore Steven Platt 9530
Box Office Paul Cotter 8144
Browne Hall Amy Melo 8240
Budget Office Robert Eaton 8776
Bursar's Office Charlene Szczepanek 8130


Department Contact Person Extension
Campus Card Dennis Sousa 8394
Campus Store 9530
Capital Projects Kevin Fitta 8262
Career Development Center Demetria Moran 8031
Center for Public Policy
College Advancement and External Relations Edwin R. Pacheco 8460
Communication Eung-Jun Min 8270
Communications and Marketing Laura Hart 8977
Council of Rhode Island College Jeffrey Blais 9726
Counseling Center Thomas Lavin 8094
Counseling, Educational Leadership and School Psychology Kalina Brabeck 8023
Outside LinkCurriculum Resources Center 8052
Custodial Services 8262


Department Contact Person Extension
Dance Angelica Vessella 9883
Dean of Students Scott Kane 8061
Dining Services Arthur Patrie 8207
Disability Services Center Keri Rossi-D’entremont 2776


Department Contact Person Extension
Economics and Finance Murat Aydogdu 8036
Outside LinkEducational Advocate - Surrogate Parent Program A. Anthony Antosh 8072
Educational Studies Robert Cvornyek 8170
Elementary Education Patricia Cordeiro 8016
English Daniel Scott 8028
Enrollment Management Unit (EMU) Holly Shadoian 8884


Department Contact Person Extension
Facilities and Operations James Jerue, Jr. 8262
Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning Jeanne Haser 9984
Faculty of Arts and Sciences Earl Simson 8107
Feinstein School of Education and Human Development Donald Halquist 8110
Field Education Mary McLaughlin 8042
Financial Aid Office Kenneth Ferus 8033


Department Contact Person Extension
Graduate Studies Leslie Schuster 9723
Grant Accounting Mary West 8197


Department Contact Person Extension
Health and Physical Education Robin Kirkwood Auld 8046
Health Promotion Brittany Huffman 8474
Health Services Lynn Wachtel 8055
Henry Barnard School Jeannine Magliocco 8127
History David Espinosa 8039
Honors Program Rebecca Sparks 9881
Human Resources Maggie Sullivan 8216


Department Contact Person Extension
Information Services Pamela Christman 8200
Institutional Research and Planning Christopher Hourigan 8099
Outside LinkIntercollegiate Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation Donald Tencher 8077
Interfaith Center Antoinette Gomes 8168
International Student Services Audrey Olmsted 8649


Department Contact Person Extension
Landscaping and Grounds Gregory Gammell 8262


Department Contact Person Extension
Management and Marketing Michael Casey 8096
Management Information Services Bin Yu 8050
Mathematics and Computer Science Christopher Teixeira 8038
Modern Languages Maricarmen Margenot 8029
Music, Theatre, and Dance Ian Greitzer 9883


Department Contact Person Extension
Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts Katherine Bacon 8194
Network and Telecommunications Henk Sonder 8803
Nonprofit Studies Michael Andrade
Nursing Yolande Lockett 8013


Department Contact Person Extension
Office of College Communications and Marketing Edwin R. Pacheco 8090
Office of Information Services Pamela Christman 8803
Office of Partnerships and Placements Joan Ford 8877
Office of Research and Grants Administration Lisa Smolski 8228
Office of Student Life Scott Kane 8061
Office of the Bursar Charlene Szczepanek 8130
Office of the Controller Stephen Nedder 8200
Office of the President Frank Sánchez 8100
Office Services Kenneth Coulbourn 8464
Outreach Programs Jenifer Giroux 8698


Department Contact Person Extension
Payroll Office Kathleen Gonsalves 8695
Performing Arts Katherine Bacon 8194
Philosophy Glenn Rawson 8012
Physical Plant James Jerue, Jr. 8262
Physical Sciences Peter Meyer 8049
Political Science Thomas Schmeling 8056
President's Office Frank Sánchez 8100
Professional Studies and Continuing Education Jenifer Giroux 8091
PSA@RIC Dennis Sousa 8464
Psychology Randi Kim 8015
Public Policy Center
Publishing Services 8464
Purchasing Office Jessica Silva Cimorelli 8047


Department Contact Person Extension
Records Office Tamecka Hardmon 8213
Outside LinkRecreation Center Donald Tencher 8007
Research and Grants Administration Lisa Smolski 8228
Residential Life and Housing Teresa Brown 8240
RI STEM Center Carol Giuriceo 2799
RIC Foundation Clark Greene 8105
RICAFT Quenby Hughes 9842


Department Contact Person Extension
School of Management Jeffrey Mello 8009
School of Nursing Jane Williams 8013
School of Social Work Sue Pearlmutter 8042
Security and Safety Frederick Ghio 8201
Sherlock Center on Disabilities A. Anthony Antosh 8072
Sociology Mikaila Mariel Lemonik Arthur 8026
Special Education Ying Hui-Michael 8024
Strategic Initiatives Clark Greene 8105
Student Affairs Scott Kane 8161
Student Employment Demetria Moran 8031
Student Government 8088
Student Union Kristen Salemi 8034
Study Abroad Office Olga Juzyn 8392
Sweet Hall Kyle Black 8240


Department Contact Person Extension
Telephone Services Henk Sonder 8803
Theatre William Wilson 9883
Tickets (see Box Office) Paul Cotter 8144
Tutorial Services Patrice Mettauer 8083


Department Contact Person Extension
Unity Center Antoinette Gomes 8791
Upward Bound Claudia Erazo-Conrad 8081
User Support Services Paul Morris 8803


Department Contact Person Extension
Web Communications Karen Rubino 8849
Weber Hall Peter Gibb 8240
Welcome and Information Center Kristen Salemi 8148
Willard Hall Vanda Barros-Lopes 8240
Women's Center
Writing Center Claudine Griggs 8141

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