Vision and Goals

Institute Vision

We envision a cohesive community response to addiction which ensures that all Rhode Islanders have access to an effective and respectful recovery-oriented system of care.

Goals of the Institute

  1. Advocacy and Public Policy Analysis and Development: To enhance the ability of government and other organizations to analyze and develop public policy in its response to substance abuse and addiction.
  2. Applied Research and Evaluation: To assist providers, funding sources and regulators in the effective and efficient use of best recovery practice, in determining useful outcome measures, analyzing data and reshaping programs.
  3. Center for Effective Practices in Addiction Prevention and Recovery: To improve the application of research-guided prevention, treatment and recovery practices by modeling best practices, providing students with hands-on supervised clinical experiences, and creating a model recovery community support program.
  4. Organization and Workforce Analysis and Development: To advance the use of best business practices in the administration of prevention, treatment and recovery services; to expand the number of professionals who delivery services in the state and the quality of the services provided.
  5. Interdepartmental Coordination and Scholastic Development: To unify and strengthen Rhode Island College's resources for academic preparation of a broad range of professionals who will interact with people with addictions; to ultimately develop better interdisciplinary coordination of the delivery of prevention, treatment and recovery services throughout the delivery system.

Page last updated: March 14, 2011