Advisory Board


The Advisory Board of the Institute for Addiction Recovery, comprised of Rhode Island's foremost authorities on behavioral health and workforce development, advises the Institute for Addiction Recovery on workforce best practices, strategic planning, and program planning. The Board will consist of no less than 15 and no more than 30 members and will be selected by the Institute Director and Steering Committee.

Member Functions

Based on expertise and interests, each member makes a unique contribution to the mission of the Institute. Potential functions include the following:

  1. Provide guidance and direction for the five key goals of the Institute assuring that diverse perspectives are incorporated into the Institute's activities.
  2. Advise the Institute on its strategic plan, proposed partnerships, and projects.
  3. Develop annually a collaborative advocacy platform on issues related to addiction recovery.
  4. Assist the Institute in devising the organization's strategic approach and business plan relevant to the member's area of expertise.
  5. Assist in identifying innovative workforce development and recovery-focused best practices by bringing these to the attention of the Institute.
  6. Alert the Institute to major developments in the field that are relevant to recovery, workforce development, strategic and business plans of the organization, and/or other areas of impact.
  7. Serve as an ambassador of the Institute through communications to stakeholders in this field.
  8. Promote the dissemination of Institute programs, communications, and products by facilitating access to key stakeholder groups.
  9. Assist the Institute staff in identifying and gaining access to key contacts, such as policymakers and legislators.
  10. Assist in identifying opportunities for the Institute to promote addiction prevention, treatment and recovery workforce development and best practice through collaborations, partnerships, grants and contracts.

Terms of Participation

Members agree to serve a minimum of two years on the Advisory Board. Members are encouraged to identify themselves publicly as members of the Advisory Board and as a "Senior Advisor" to the Institute in their primary area of expertise.

The Board will be convened quarterly. Members commit to remain active, but the Institute recognizes that the professional demands on these state and national leaders often constrain their availability. Infrequently, the Institute may convene a conference or other meeting(s) that members would be requested to attend.

Participation on the Advisory Board is a voluntary role and the expectation regarding the level of activity is commensurate with that status. Occasionally, selected members may be offered compensation as consultations to lead or staff Institute projects that require a greater level of activity than the volunteer role permits.

Confidentiality and Conflicts of Interest

In the course of participation in the Advisory Board, members will obtain copies of proprietary work products and confidential strategic and business plans. Members agree to keep all such information confidential and to inquire if there is any question about the confidentiality of information received. Members also agree to make perceived or actual conflicts of interest known to Institute staff.

Page last updated: April 7, 2009