Addiction Recovery Priorities 11-08

A. Parity Laws/ Reimbursement Rates

  1. Define and clarify the relationship among government insurers, medical & tax community in the provision of service & reimbursement
  2. Use data from brief intervention screening codes to provides us with data
  3. Include recovery support services in the mainstream of healthcare
  4. How do people pay for this tax? (not sure what this means)
  5. Grandfather LCDP to license or stop insurers from not reimbursing non-triad providers
  6. Increase reimbursement for providers
  7. Examine workforce compensation
  8. Begin with education
  9. Tease out implications of multiple health problems

B. Policy and Advocacy

  1. Tie the recovery agenda to the healthcare agenda as well as presenting it as a human service problem
      a)  Present to decision makers the reality of addiction as a healthcare priority > co-occurring and medical co-morbidity, multiple occurring disorders
      b)  Educate regarding impacts across health issues: What are they, how do we share them?
      c)  Keep continuum of care perspective on all issues
      d)  Foster a language change to facilitate policy change e.g. "disease management"
  2. Remove legal disabilities from ex-offenders, multiple misdemeanors, expungement laws/ disability laws
  3. Re: Housing, employment – make process easier/ more accessible
  4. Identify recovering legislators who are willing to be an advocacy group for recovery

C. Education, Workforce Development and Academic Coordination

  1. Educate re: "impaired" professionals, services, resources, advocacy, work based?
  2. Improve quality of training for paraprofessionals in RI
  3. Develop a clearinghouse for cross-disciplinary training > matching needs & resources
  4. Evaluate where people going with Chemical Dependency degrees
      a)  Stigma & discrimination in the field?
      b)  Empowerment
  5. Expand number of individuals providing services
  6. Strengthen academic / community relationships
      a)  Expand field placements / liaisons
        i.  Administration/ Business practice
        ii.  Research
        iii.  Evaluation
      b)  Maintain fiscally neutral internship relationships

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