Fall 2013

Accounting - Fall 2013

Subj/Cat NoTitleDaysTimeLocationInstructor
ACCT 201 -01Principles of Accounting IM,Th12:00PM-1:50PMAlger 108Staff
ACCT 201 -02Principles of Accounting IM,W10:00PM-11:50PMAlger 108Filipek
ACCT 201 -03Principles of Accounting IM,W2:00PM-3:50PMAlger 108Filipek
ACCT 201 -04Principles of Accounting ITu6:00PM-9:50PMCL 048Mancieri
ACCT 201 -05Principles of Accounting ITu,Th8:00AM-9:50PMAlger 108Haser-Lafond
ACCT 201 -06Principles of Accounting IF8:00AM-11:50AMAlger 108Church
ACCT 201 -07Principles of Accounting IW6:00PM-9:50PMAlger 108Haser-Lafond
ACCT 202 -01Principles of Accounting IIM,W10:00AM-11:50AMAlger 109Church
ACCT 202 -02Principles of Accounting IITh6:00PM-9:50PMAlger 108Schweikart
ACCT 202 -03Principles of Accounting IIT,Th10:AM-11:50AMAlger 108Haser-Lafond
ACCT 202 -04Principles of Accounting IITu6:00PM-9:50PMCL 201Razee
ACCT 310 -01Acct Systems & ConceptsM,W8:00AM-9:50AMAlger 102Blais
ACCT 310 -02Acct Systems & ConceptsM,W10:00AM-11:50AMAlger 102Przybyla
ACCT 310 -03Acct Systems & ConceptsM6:00PM-9:50PMAlger 102Bailey
ACCT 311 -01External Reporting ITu,Th2:00PM-3:50PMAlger 108Schweikart
ACCT 312 -01External Reporting IITu6:00PM-9:50PMAlger 103Blais
ACCT 312 -02External Reporting IIM,W2:00PM-3:50PMAlger 103Blais
ACCT 321 -01Cost Management IM6:00PM-9:50PMCL 049Weiss
ACCT 321 -02Cost Management IF8:00AM-11:50AMAlger 106Weiss
ACCT 331 -01Federal Income TaxationM,W8:00AM-9:50AMAlger 109Church
ACCT 331 -02Federal Income TaxationM6:00PM-9:50PMCL 047Staff
ACCT 441 -01AuditingM,Th12:30PM-1:50PMAlger 105Przybyla
ACCT 443 * -01Business Law*T6:00PM-8:50PMAlger 109Haser-Lafond
ACCT 451 -01Advanced Financial AccTu,Th10:00AM-11:50PMAlger 103Schweikart
ACCT 461 -01Sem In Acc Theo and PracW6:00PM-8:50PMCL 049Filipek
ACCT 461 -02Sem In Acc Theo and PracF8:00AM-10:50PMAlger 105Filipek
ACCT 467 -01Directed InternshipTBATBATBASahba
ACCT 533 -01Fund Pers Fin PlanTu6:00PM-8:50PMCL 049Church
ACCT 535 -01Tax Issues for Corps M6:00PM-8:50PMCL 103Staff
ACCT 554 -01Estate PlanningTh6:00PM-8:50PMAlger 109Staff

* portion of course taught online

Computer Information Systems

Subj/Cat NoTitleDaysTimeLocationInstructor
CIS 251 -01Computers in ManagementTu,Th8:00AM-9:20AMAlger 101Terzian
CIS 251 -02Computers in ManagementM,W9:30AM-10:50AMAlger 101Munko
CIS 251 -03Computers in ManagementT6:00PM-8:50PMAlger 102Staff
CIS 251 -04Computers in ManagementTu,Th4:00PM-5:20PMAlger 102Mallach
CIS 251 -05Computers in ManagementM,W8:00AM-9:20AMAlger 101Munko
CIS 251 -06Computers in ManagementTh6:00PM-8:50PMAlger 101Badger
CIS 251 -07Computers in ManagementTu,Th2:00PM-3:20PMAlger 101Hanley
CIS 255 -01Intro to JavaW6-8:50Alger 102Hayden
CIS 257 -01Intro to Visual Basic in BusinessM,W11:00AM-12:20PMAlger 101Hayden
CIS 324 -01Intro to Web Page DevelopmentT6:00PM-8:50PMAlger 101Mallach
CIS 351 -01Advanced Office ApplicationsM6:00PM-8:50PMAlger 101Pagano
CIS 352 -01Management Information SystemsTu,Th9:30AM-10:50AMCL 051Choi
CIS 352 -02Management Information SystemsTu,Th11:00AM-12:20PMCL 051Choi
CIS 352 -03Management Information SystemsM6:00PM-8:50PMCL 048Lamprey
CIS 352 -04Management Information SystemsTu, Th4:00PM-5:20PMAlger 103Choi
CIS 421 -01Network Systems & TelecommunicationsTu,Th9:30AM-10:50Alger 102Bain
CIS 421 -02Network Systems & TelecommunicationsW6:00PM-8:50PMAlger 101Bain
CIS 440 -01Issues in Computer SecurityW4-6:50PMCL 048Choi
CIS 453 -01Systems Analysis & DesignTu,Th11:00AM-12:20PMAlger 102Bain
CIS 455 -01Database ProgrammingM,W2:00PM-3:20PMAlger 102Hayden
CIS 462 *-01Applied Software Development *M6:00PM-8:50PMAlger 103Bain
CIS 467 -01Directed InternshipTBATBATBATBA

* Course to be offered in hybrid mode.

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