Honors Program

Departmental Honors Recognition

Students successfully completing the Honors Program in the Accounting and CIS Department will receive special recognition for outstanding performance in their chosen field of study. This recognition will be indicated by an "Honors" designation on the student's transcript. This designation can be indicated on your resume and on applications for graduate school.

Minimum Requirements for Application

  • Major in the Department
  • 3.0 cum. overall GPA
  • 3.25 GPA in departmental core, major, and cognate courses, with no course grade lower than C
  • Completion of Math 177, 238, 248; Eng 230; Acc 201, 202; Econ 214, 215; CIS 251, 352; Mgt 301, 302; and Mkt. 301

Application Procedure

  • Complete application form available in the department
  • Attach one representative paper written for a departmental course
  • Attach transcript
  • Indicate name of departmental professor who will serve as your Faculty Honors Director
  • Obtain signature of your Faculty Honors Director
  • Submit prior to registration for your next-to-last (normally 7th) semester
  • Submit to Departmental Chair

Requirements for Completion of Honors Program

  • Completion of departmental major
  • Minimum 3.0 cum overall GPA
  • Minimum 3.5 GPA in courses taken to fulfill the department major and Honors Program with no grade lower than B
  • Enrollment in major 390 independent study one semester prior to enrolling in Mgt 361 or ACC 361
  • Honors paper presented to Honors Committee and interested faculty and students

Additional Requirements

  • Proposal for Honors Paper submitted to and approved by Honors Committee prior to enrollment in 390 course
  • Declare to instructor of Mgt or Acc 361 that you are an Honors student
  • In Mgt/Acc 361, demonstrate long-term strategy and policy implications of Honors Paper topic
  • Demonstrate high level of academic proficiency in required coursework in Mgt 361/Acc 361

Integration with College Honors Program

  • If you are in the College Honors Program, the paper you write for departmental honors can also be used for college honors.
  • Mgt 361 may be substituted for 391 course required in College Honors Program

Dismissal from Honors Program

Candidates who do not demonstrate satisfactory progress to the Honors Director and candidates falling below any or all of the admissions requirements will be dismissed from the departmental honors program.

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