Jeanne Schwager

Yellow Cottage (B12) 207
(401) 456-9508

Academic Background

B.S.N. Seton Hall University
M.Ed. Cambridge College
Ph.D. in Nursing, University of Rhode Island

Courses Taught

NURS 370 Public & Community Health Nursing
NURS 375 Transition to Professional Practice
NURS 503 Professional Role Developing
NURS 611 Public Health /Community Lead II

Areas of Expertise

Community Health Nursing, Nursing Education, Nursing Administration
Certified by ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center) in advanced nursing administration.

Research Interests

Community-based elder pain management, patient learning readiness, and system’s change.

Teaching Areas

Teaches an introductory professional nurses course, and coordinates senior –level clinical experiences in public and community health and transition to professional nursing practice.

Recent Scholarly Activity

Participation in a collaborative learning experience to promote healthy homes, presented at the 2006 annual meeting of the American Public Health Association.

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