Ezra Stieglitz

Horace Mann Hall (HM)


Academic Background

Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. Author of numerous articles, chapters, and texts including The Stieglitz Informal Reading Inventory: Assessing Reading Behaviors from Emergent to Advanced Levels (Allyn and Bacon, 2002) and "The Case for the Development of a New Test of Health Literacy" (with P. Agre and G. Milstein) Oncology Nursing Forum (March 2006). Specialties include teaching reading in the content areas and developing the literacy skills of English language learners. Mary Tucker Thorp Professor - 1984-85.

Courses Taught

ELED 439 Student Teaching Elementary School
ELED 469 Student Teach Seminar In Elementary Education
ELED 480 Workshop
ELED 501 Reading In The Content Area
GEN 263 The Holocaust & Other Genocides
TESL 507 Teaching Reading & Writing To ESL

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