Eric Hall

Fogarty Life Science (FLS) 235
(401) 456-8010
(401) 456-8480

Administrative Responsibilities

Co-Director of Health Sciences programs including the following majors:
Health Sciences, Human Services
Health Sciences, Food Safety
Health Sciences, Medical Laboratory Science
Health Sciences, Dental Hygiene Completion
Health Sciences, Respiratory Therapy Completion
Medical Imaging, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Medical Imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Medical Imaging, Nuclear Medicine Technology
Medical Imaging, Radiologic Technology
Medical Imaging, Certified Medical Imager Management

Academic Background

Ph.D., Wesleyan University.

Courses Taught

BIOL 231 Human Anatomy
BIOL 335 Human Physiology
BIOL 435 Comparative Animal Physiology
BIOL 450 Topics
BIOL 491 Research in Biology
BIOL 492 Research in Biology
BIOL 493 Research in Biology
BIOL 494 Research in Biology
BIOL 535 Advanced Physiology I
BIOL 536 Advanced Physiology II
BIOL 651 Advanced Topics in Biology
BIOL 694 Directed Research

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