P. Khalil Saucier

Craig-Lee Hall (CL) 462
(401) 456-8653

Academic Background

Ph.D., Northeastern University, Sociology
M.A., Rhode Island College, Africana Studies
B.A., Rhode Island College, Sociology

Courses Taught

AFRI 162 Non-Western Worlds
AFRI 200 Introduction to Africana Studies
AFRI 490 Independent Study
AFRI 491 Directed Study
SOC 208 Minority Group Relations
SOC 316 Sociology of Education
SOC 344 Minority Issues in the Justice System
SOC 345 Victimology


P. Khalil Saucier is Assistant Professor of Sociology and Director of the Program in Africana Studies. His publications are featured in the Journal of Popular Music Studies, Rethinking Marxism: A Journal of Economics, Culture, and Society, American Communication Journal, and Fashion Theory. He is editor of Native Tongues: An African Hip-Hop Reader (Africa World Press, 2011) and is also co-author of Historical Dictionary of the Republic of Cape Verde, 4th edition with Richard A. Lobban Jr. (Scarecrow Press, 2007). He is currently completing a book length manuscript entitled We Eat Cachupa, Not Clam Chowder: A Critical Mapping of Cape Verdean Youth Identity in America (Michigan State Press).

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