Wraparound Training Modules

Welcome to your new Family Care network positions. The Child Welfare Institute is pleased to release its online training-survey and three wraparound training modules with quizzes. The online survey and training need to be completed in the following order with corresponding email attachments:

  1. CWI Training Survey
  2. Module I & quiz
  3. Module II & quiz
  4. Module III & quiz

The modules are arranged in order and each module has a quiz. Taking the online quiz provides evidence of your completion of each module. We hope you enjoy the online training.

These documents are best viewed using the Outside LinkGoogle Chrome or Outside LinkMozilla FireFox browser.

CWI Training Survey

Module I

Please note: You may receive a security warning regarding 'external pictures'. This has no effect on your ability to view the slides and review the course. Please click 'ok' to continue.

Module II

Module III

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Page last updated: June 12, 2013