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Demetria Moran
Interim Director

Career Development Center Staff


(401) 456-8031
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Craig-Lee Hall (CL)
Rm. 054
Mall Area

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center staff congratulates all degree candidates of the class of 2016!  We wish you success as you complete your degree requirements and want to remind you that you are welcome to schedule appointments with our counselors before…or after…graduation. Counselors can offer advice on honing your job search skills in networking and interviewing as well as in resume and cover letter preparation. If you plan to attend graduate school, you will also find advice here on the application process. Whatever your job search needs, a visit with us is always easy to arrange. We are open all summer and look forward to assisting you! Call 456-8031 for an appointment.

Peter Landau, Social Work (2014)

"You are working so hard to get the degree of your dreams. Now let the CDC help you get the ideal job your heart and soul is yearning for."

Jenna Palin, Music (2014)

"I would tell any student that the CDC has something to offer anyone- even if they have no idea what their future could look like. The Career Counselors are like a big sister, private-eye, and cheerleader rolled into one: they uncover your strengths and goals, help you find opportunities in the workforce, and prepare and boost you to bigger and better things!"

Emma Cajthaml, History/Art History (2016)

"I tell my friends that the Career Development Center is a great place to go if you need help with rèsumès, finding a job, preparing for a job interview, or even if you just need help choosing a major. The Career Development Center is just a great place to go while you are in school."

Victor A. Morente, Political Science & Public Administration, International Nongovernmental Organizations, (2014)

"One of the biggest misconceptions about Rhode Island College is that there are not enough resources for help here because we are a small school. That is simply not true; we have plenty of advisors, mentors, and regular students who possess different experience and knowledge in a variety of fields and who are more than willing to help out. Luckily, many of them work at the Career Development Center. So, if you have any questions or concerns... no matter how small or simple... you should stop by the Center."

Janette Perez, Social Work & Women & Gender Studies, (2015)

"The CDC has so many resources. We don't only help with on-campus jobs; the CDC is much more than that! Rèsumè help, internship help, and events that help jumpstart your career are really helpful. The CDC staff has techniques and tests to assist you in deciding what careers are great for you!

James Gracik, Intended Nursing major, (2015)

"The CDC is a great resource that should be utilized by all students. There is a wide array of things they can help you with from your first day of college to your years as alumni."

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