Student Groups

Advocacy and Beyond Club (ABC)

Advocacy and Beyond Club will encourage, educate, and empower all students faculty, and campus groups to advocate for individuals with disabilities at Rhode Island College and Beyond! We are interested in making sure RIC is an inclusive community and that offers equity in accessibility to facilities and information. Click here to access the group's homepage.

Asian Students' Association (ASA)

The ASA educates the Rhode Island College community as well as the Rhode Island community as a whole about the Asian culture and customs.

Campus Office: Student Union 424
Meeting: Wednesday 12:30-2:00pm, Student Union 424
Contact Name: Jillian Marie Rubino (
Advisor Name: Dr. Teng

Cape Verdean Students' Association (CVSA)

The goal of CVSA is to promote the Cape Verdean culture to the Rhode Island College community and become a facilitator to students with their college experience.

Campus Office: PEP Office- Craig Lee
Advisor Name: Joseph Costa


Campus Office/phone: 401-458-8791
Meeting: Wednesdays 12:30 - 2:30

President: Brittney Sampson
Advisor: Daniel Scott


Harambee strives to achieve several objectives:
  • To provide a supportive and comfortable atmosphere to its members.
  • To coordinate cultural and educational experiences. These experiences assist in our search for our heritage, consciousness and understanding of African-American culture and allow others to learn from us.
  • To exhibit a responsibility to our community and society
  • To unite those of different cultural ethnic backgrounds

If you enjoy getting together in a comfortable atmosphere to help plan events such as parties, trips, talent & fashion shows, speakers and educational workshops, then please consider contacting Harambee.

Our Major Events
  • The Harambee Step Explosion
  • The Night of Black Enchantment
  • Kwanzaa
  • Black History Month Celebrations
  • Poetry and Open Mic Nights
  • Urban Sensations Fashion Show
  • Community Service and much more

HOPE (Helping Others Promote Equality)

HOPE (Helping Others Promote Equality) is an organization that provides support and a safe social environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning students and their allies. We sponsor events, meetings, and outings throughout the year in an effort to promote awareness, acceptance and fun for our members.

Campus Office: Student Union 425
Meeting: Wednesday 1:00-2:00pm, Student Union 425
Contact Name: Laura Mulholland (
Advisor Name: Brian Baker/Mary Ball Hawkins

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Rhode Island College is a multiethnic community of students who are learning what it means to follow Jesus on our campus, in our community, and in the world. We are found on many different campuses across the United States and are internationally recognized. Our mission is to see lives transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed. We encourage students of all faith backgrounds to join us for our weekly small groups, weekly large group meeting, prayer, conferences in New Hampshire during the fall and summer, and our annual alternative spring break project to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Campus Office: Student Union # 428
Phone: 401.456.2705
Meeting: Thursday nights at 7:30pm in the Student Union
President: Alexandra Puleo
Advisor: Jeannine Olson
RIC IV Website:
Facebook: "InterVarsity at RIC"

Iota Phi Theta

Iota Phi theta was founded Thursday September 19th 1963 at Morgan state College, now known as Morgan State University by 12 men looking for change. They created the nations fifth largest predominately African American social service fraternity. Iota Phi theta was founded on the principles of Scholarship,Leadership, Citizenship, Fidelity, and Brotherhood among Men. The Motto of Iota Phi theta is "Building a tradition not resting upon one. " Today these principles, and motto still hold true and Iota Phi is still growing, and making a difference in their communities.

Latin Students' Organization (LASO)

LASO was established 30 years ago to help students of Latino backgrounds and of other ethnic backgrounds to familiarize themselves with RIC while keeping alive the Latino customs and traditions. LASO is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in developing our member's individual potential. We acknowledge that the richness of our culture's identity should aid us in achieving our academic and social goals. LASO is a supportive organization, which encourages its members to learn about diversity of the Latino culture, while promoting leadership development within us all. As the influence and impact of Latin American people and culture has increased in the United States and abroad, LASO has built networks of support in cooperation with other clubs, organizations, associations of the college administration, and our friends. LASO is determined to seek strengths in union as Latino students face critical juncture in higher education; which includes decreasing enrollment nationwide and lack of support and resources. LASO is committed to the use of our skills, knowledge, and energy to contribute to the welfare of our people, society, and the world. Our membership is made up of diverse students from Latin America, Caribbean Islands, Central America, and South America, as well from various ethnic groups. All students are welcome!!

Campus Office: Student Union #421
Meeting: Friday's 2:00pm-3:30pm, Student Union #421
Priscilla Gonzalez, President (
Advisor Name: Alvaro Gonzalez

L.I.F.E. – Live, Inspire, Fight, Educate

L.I.F.E. is committed to helping bring about a culture in which we can address common global concerns in a positive holistic and transforming way in an effort to live together in peace with one another. Our organization seeks to give its members an understanding of pertinent social issues & foster a multi-faceted network of political, civic, charitable and cultural organizations through partnerships within RIC and outside organizations. At L.I.F.E. we believe in empowering individuals through education and increased awareness. We strive to create strong leaders within our communities from various backgrounds. Our goal is to promote individual development and improve the overall quality of life in a multicultural community.

Student Veterans Organization

The purpose of the Student Veterans Organization will be to provide a network of support for military veterans, their families and civilian supporters, to educate the college community about the experiences of military veterans, and work with the college administration to meet the needs of student veterans and prospective student veterans.


To develop a place where foreign and native students can interact, learn about each others' cultures, and exchange ideas, and to educate students about current immigration regulations and foreign policies.

Women Of Color (WOC)

The Women of Color student organization at Rhode Island College recognizes the diversity among women of color and seeks to support their endeavors regardless of their differences.

Our objective is to build awareness about the changing roles, and contributions of diverse women in our society, while also improving the lives of young women and supporting them in their professional, academic, and social pursuits.

Women of Color uses networking based on cultural understanding to build community, disseminate information and resources available through Rhode Island College and the surrounding community, and offers support for individuals seeking to eliminate potential barriers among young women that exist in society and many institutions.

We provide a variety of social and educational programs that afford the campus community an opportunity to experience new cultural perspectives.

If you have any questions and are interested in joining Women of Color, please contact us at


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