College Policies and Other Governance Documents

In order to carry out the mission of Rhode Island College in the most efficient and effective manner, it is necessary to maintain clear and current administrative policies and other governance documents. The college has established a standardized procedure for adoption, review, and promulgation of such documents. Governance documents that are presented in a standard format and are easy to find, read, and understand, and will (1) help provide faculty, staff, and students with clear guidance on policy and procedures; (2) promote compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies, and other standards; and (3) maintain accountability.

Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) Responsibilities for Governance Documents

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning is assigned the following responsibilities:

  1. Develop and publish a process for the establishment of new governance documents that provides for review by appropriate officials and an opportunity for members of the college community to be heard on proposals that affect them.
  2. Develop and publish a process for amendment of existing governance documents. All material changes shall be subject to the same level of review as provided for new governance documents.
  3. Develop and publish a standard template for all proposals for new or amended governance documents.
  4. Administer the adoption process and serve as a resource for document authors.
  5. Maintain a repository of all official college administrative governance documents, including their amendment history.
  6. Ensure that all current college administrative governance documents are available online.
  7. Review and remain current with Postsecondary Council governance documents and identify areas in which the college must be in compliance
  8. Ensure that every college governance document within the jurisdiction of IRP is reviewed whenever necessary and at least once every five years.

Page last updated: May 21, 2015