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“Musicophilia” Online at Adams Library

Adams Library has purchased the online version of “Musicophilia” for sharing with up to three readers at a time (see, and six print copies of the book, as well. Visit the Open Books-Open Minds display in the library to borrow a copy.

Judith Stokes

RIC Opportunity Exchange: A “Pay it Forward” Conceptual Forum

All staff and faculty are welcome to participate in the RIC Opportunity Exchange: A “Pay it Forward” Conceptual Forum the first Tuesday of every month, 12:15-12:50 p.m., in Horace Mann 063. This is a pilot initiative for departments, divisions and individual faculty and staff to exchange volunteer requests to ensure that service opportunities are being circulated and promoted across the campus. The first exchange is Tuesday, Sept. 2. Contact Liz Garofalo for more information.

Liz Garofalo

Quieting the Mind Meditation Sessions Resume

How often do you feel overwhelmed, or like you are spinning your wheels? In mindfulness meditation we strive to take time out from the constant doing of our outer world and the constant thinking of our inner world and to create a space where we can practice simply being. Like a still lake that perfectly reflects everything within and around it, a quiet mind reduces unnecessary anxiety, enhances learning and teaching, and enables us to be more present to ourselves and others. Offered Thursdays, 12-1 p.m., CL130. Open to all.

Tom Lavin