Political Science Department

The majors offered through the Political Science Department help open the doors to careers and post-college graduate studies in law; politics; the administration of federal, state, local and nonprofit organizations; elementary and secondary education; public policy making; opinion research, urban and community planning and many other fields. The department's faculty takes great pride in our tradition of skilled teaching, small classes and close advisement of students. The department course offerings contain the full range of classes expected in a full service Political Science Department. The Department's Geography major has a tradition of focusing student learning on urban communities as well as the broader interests of those interested in Geography.

Students are encouraged to make the most of internship programs and the summer abroad program offered with South Bank University in London. Law school advice is readily available through the Political Science Department's Pre-Law program. The department recognizes student achievement through a variety of departmental awards. There is a challenging departmental honors program. In conjunction with the University of Rhode Island students can begin to pursue a graduate program leading to the Master of Public Administration degree while still an undergraduate at Rhode Island College. The result is that many of our alumni attend some of the best law and graduate schools in the United States and gain trusted positions in the public and private sector.

Page last updated: October 21, 2011