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Support Youth in Developing:

Competence: developing critical thinking, social skills, academic and life goal setting.

Confidence: exploring issues of identity, agency, and purpose in the world.

Connections: fostering interpersonal relationships with youth, adults, and community.

Caring: developing empathy and advocacy for self, others, and community.

Critical thinking and social justice: understanding and addressing social issues and systems (e.g. social justice, equity, and stewardship of the earth).

Youth Development

The Youth Development B.A. program provides foundations in education, social work, and non-profit studies and a student-chosen minor. Graduates of this program work with children and youth in a variety of contexts and settings including: community centers, justice and probation, after-school programs, summer programs, health and wellness, sports and recreation, arts and theatre, music, youth ministry, K-12 schools & higher education.

Candidates earn both a B.A. and a Certificate in Non-Profit Studies. This degree is ideal for undergraduates who would like to work with youth but who do not want to pursue a traditional teaching career.

Lesley Bogad
Associate Professor
HBS 207
(401) 456-4635
(401) 456-4635

Corinne McKamey
Associate Professor
Horace Mann 065
(401) 456-8016

Course No. Course Title Credits

Education Cognates

CURR 347Workshop in Service Learning 1
FNED 346Schooling in a Democratic Society4
FNED 352Seminar in Youth Development3
FNED 403Advanced Issues in Youth Development3
SPED 300Introduction to the Characteristics and Education of Children and Youth with Disabilities4

Choose One:*

CEP 315Educational Psychology3
PSYC 215Social Psychology4
PSYC 230Human Development4
*It is recommended that students take PSYC 110 as their Social and Behavior Science General Education Course Requirement

Social Work Cognates

SWRK 240Intro to Social Work and Social Walfare3
SWRK 320Policy Analysis3
SWRK 324Human Behavior in the Social Environment: Individual, Family, and Small Group3
SWRK 325Human Behavior in the Social Environment: Social System, Institution, and Organization3
SWRK 326Generalist Social Work Practice3

Non-Profit Management Cognates *

NPST 400Summer Institute in Nonprofit Studies3
NPST 401The American Nonprofit Sector and Philanthropy I3
NPST 402The American Nonprofit Sector and Philanthropy II3
NPST 403Internship in the Nonprofit Sector4
One Elective in an aspect of nonprofit organizations or philanthropy3
*Satisfies Certificate in Non-Profit Studies

Total Credit Hours


Additional Requirement:
Choose one:
1. Minor (18-24 credits) Select one minor from the college offerings. Must be approved by program advisor.
2. Concentration of courses related to field of interest (15-20 credits) Select a minimum of 15 credit hours related to field of interest. Six credit hours must be at the 300 level or above. Must be approved by progam advisor.

Total Credit Hours


Total Credit Hours


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