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Autism on the Rise: How RIC is Changing the Outcomes

Paul LaCava, RIC associate professor of special education and director of RIC’s C.G.S. in autism education program.

The Centers for Disease Control reported that 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Find out how RIC is meeting the needs of children with autism and building the capacity of educators and school districts.

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RIC Hosts Information Forum on Services for Autism

Special to RIC News by Sue Constable, autism coordinator for the Rhode Island Technical Assistance Project

Autism experts, educators and parents discussed the need for better coordination among physicians who are diagnosing autism and those who are overseeing support systems for autism. 

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2015 Student Leadership Award Recipients

Recipients include a nursing student who founded a clinic in Haiti; a student who presents motivational talks at alcohol and rehab centers for teens; and a magnetic “servant-leader” who humbly carried out his work on campus by leading others to their greatness.

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Meet Our Students: Jose Rosario – An Odd Twist of Fate Led to His Life Purpose

Jose Rosario, a 19-year-old who uses a wheelchair, is determined to help support at-risk teens.

RIC Student Meets President of United States

RIC biochem major Lisbeth Avalos introduced President Barack Obama at a recent speech held at RIC’s Murray Center.