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Portland, Maine - SOLD OUT (get on the wait list) Saturday 3/29 7am-7pm $5 first 10 RIC; $10 RIC; $15 Non-RIC 18+
Niagara Falls, NY - SOLD OUT (get on the wait list) Friday 4/11-Sunday 4/13 6am Friday-9pm Sunday $80 first 10 RIC; $100 RIC; $120 Non-RIC 18+
Nantucket Saturday 4/26 7am-9pm $20 first 10 RIC; $25 RIC; $30 Non-RIC 18+
Hike Mt Monadnock Friday 52 8am-5pm $10 RIC; $15 Non-RIC
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Ticket Purchasing Procedures

  1. Make sure you have money in your Campus Points on your Campus Card.  To put money into the account you can go to Campus Card (lobby of the Student Union, (401) 456-8394), use the cash deposit machines in the Library or Browne Hall, or log onto Outside Linkric.managemyid.com.
  2. Go to the Student Union Welcome & Information Center (lobby of the Student Union, (401) 456-8148) to purchase your ticket(s).

Trip/Event Fact Sheets

Check out the fact sheets for details on each trip, including rules and regulations, what to bring, and contact info for the destination.

Waiver Form

Anyone under the age of 18 must have a waiver form signed by his/her parent or guardian in order to go on a RIC Trip.  If you are a RIC student who is under 18 or you are taking a non-RIC individual who is under 18 on a trip that is specified for children, print out the waiver form, have it signed, and bring it on the day of the trip.  Paper copies of the waiver form are also available at the Student Union Welcome & Information Center and in Student Union 408.

Download the Adobe PDFwaiver form!

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I meet Student Activities at the destination instead of taking the provided transportation?
  2. I have my own season ticket to the destination, do I still have to pay full price?
  3. I know that the age restriction says non-RIC 18+, but I really want to take my little sister who is 17.  Can she come?
  4. I am a student with a disability.  Can I attend Student Activities trips?
  5. I am a faculty or staff member.  Do I get to pay the RIC price?
  6. I have a great idea for a RIC Trip!  Who should I tell?!
  7. What kind of transportation is provided on RIC Trips?
  8. I love the discounts for the first 10 people to sign up for selected trips!  Can my friend who doesn't go to RIC also receive the discount?
  9. What is the wait list and how does it work?



If you are attending a trip sponsored by Student Activities you must take the provided transportation in order to attend and receive any discounted ticket prices.  The only exception that will be made is if you prefer not to come back on the bus with us.  For example, if you take the bus with us to New York City and decide to stay longer than our trip allows, you do not need to take the bus back, though you are responsible for arranging for your own return transportation.  Programs that do not include transportation and are "meet up" only are not included in this policy.



As our trips are sold as "packaged deals" we cannot adjust prices for individuals who have their own passes for admission to the destination.  Thus, we cannot discount RIC Trip tickets to Six Flags if you already have your own season pass.



Student Activities sets age restrictions for RIC Trips based on destination characteristics, staff responsibilities, liability issues, ticket prices, and other factors.  Unfortunately we are not able to make any exceptions to these restrictions.



Students with disabilities are welcome and encouraged to attend RIC Trips.  Most of our staff are trained as sighed guides and are happy to spend the day with you as you enjoy the destination.  If requested in advance, accessible transportation can be provided.  However, there are a few trips that might be more difficult for students with disabilities to navigate than others, such as Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park, which involves climbing, hiking, and swimming.  If you are unsure if a trip fits your needs, please consult our staff.



Rhode Island College faculty and staff members are invited to join us on RIC Trips and are offered the same discounted prices as RIC students.



Contact Student Activities if you have an idea for a RIC Trip.  We do take your suggestions into consideration!



Most RIC Trips utilize either school buses or coach buses for transportation.  Typically trips to locations within Rhode Island use school buses, while longer trips use coach buses.  Sometimes, for special, smaller trips, we use eight, ten, or twelve passenger vans owned by the College.



While we love for non-RIC folks to join us on trips, the discounts on selected trips for the first 10 people to purchase tickets are reseved for RIC students only.  Think of it as your reward for paying your Student Union fee!


If anyone who has purchased a ticket can no longer attend the trip, he/she is given the contact information of individuals on the wait list to see if they would like to buy his/her ticket.
In some circumstances extra seats are made available through the addition of another bus.  In those cases Student Activities will contact students on the wait list to let them know that more tickets are available for purchase. 

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Page last updated: Mar. 10, 2014