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Other Resources

Self-Help Information

The Counseling Center has literature on a wide range of mental health issues and study skills. Audiotapes on stress management and other life adjustment or personal development topics are also available. Some of these materials are restricted to use in the Center, while others can be borrowed. Most can be taken free of charge. Anyone in the RIC community is welcome to use these resources without an appointment. There are many potentially useful websites relating to mental health concerns:

The Counseling Center at Rhode Island College disclaims responsibility for the content of any material or information not located on its own site.

Vocational and Other Testing

Testing is one source of information about yourself which sometimes can be helpful in counseling. The counselor and student together decide whether tests are needed and what type to include. Results are then used to assist in career and educational planning or in discussing personal matters. Available tests include measures of career interests, personal values and personality characteristics.

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